Keep in mind that this might not work for everyone as the problems might vary from hardware to hardware. A file explorer window will open up, just press CLTR+A and delete everything. Using the task manager, find out what applications are using the most RAM, Disk, and Network.

  • Not bad if you need a reliable wireless gaming mouse with decent battery life.
  • Some other users complained the Origin is installed, but it won’t open.
  • After the last software update, my Bose earphones worked but zero sound out of the car audio system.
  • Because as the game developers start introducing the latest version it is essential to make yourself get updated.

I unplugged my Sims Disk (as it isn’t directly installed onto my laptop) and an icon saying Download Incomplete from Origin. I haven’t got any packs downloading so I don’t know why it’s coming up. Never had this problem before and been playing since December 29. Hi, I do apologise if this isn’t the place for my question I’m incredibly new and very confused about my game issues. Checkout why Origin is not loading or not working on your device.

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If all the above methods have failed, then the last option is to first uninstall the old Origin client and then install it again using the latest setup. This will only delete your Origin client and not your games, but you will have to re-add them. Reinstalling the origin client should’ve done the deal if it was Origin’s fault. Since it hasn’t solved anything for you and you’re looking at other solutions, it’s time to think big. It might be because of your computer getting in the way of your software operating normally.

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You may also try updating your smartphone to the latest version or doing a factory reset after setting up a backup of all the important files to fix any bugs. Sometimes, installing a third-party sound app can be responsible for causing the problem. In such cases, don’t just uninstall the app without reverting to the default settings. Inserting the headphone jack slowly or twisting it to see whether the audio becomes clearer. Remove the phone casing and thoroughly clean the headphone jack using a dry cloth. Given below is a video for creating a multi-output audio device or an aggregate audio device on Mac.